Anselmo vineyards sit at the top of the southern end of the Cascade mountain range in the foothills of Mt Lassen and Mt Shasta. At 1,500 feet, Anselmo vineyards has becomes a benchmark of California ‘s newest wine growing region, the Inwood Valley AVA where ,after the soil scientists of UC Davis research ,the soil was formed by two different volcanoes  (the Mt Lassen  and the Mt Shasta) eruptions thousand years ago. These kind of unique soil  produced grapes that made good wine very competitive with the one in Napa Valley.

Looking across Inwood Valley, one immediately senses that Anselmo Vineyard is different. Cultivated with passion and a singular vision, the winery bear a unique signature in the  Inwood Valley. There is continuity in the way the vines were planted, managed and harvested that instills each vintage with anwavering   quality. This commitment to quality bears signature fruit and the fullest development of the unique soil from the two volcanoes eruptions, the micro climate ,the perfect elevation, the topography, the farming practices and the winemaking technique – terror in its most complete expression has constantly produced award winning quality wines. Anselmo vineyard is the first vineyard in Inwood Valley which is the new discovery area for vine industry. It has won many medals at the wine tasting competition in California for many years.

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