Vineyards and Ranch History

The vineyards and ranch encloses 2,800 acres of the Inwood Valley. The headquarters section takes in the vineyards and winery. The vineyard sits between the restaurant area and the chapel on the top of the knoll.

Our vineyard soil is very unique as it possesses certain qualities that can only be derived from the formation of quality soil due to the ground unification caused by two different volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago, Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen.  Located at the perfect elevation, it is neither too hot not too cold with the micro weather which leads to conducive grape growth that produces great wines.

Our vineyards continue to produce top quality and award winning wines that are appreciated by wine connoisseur all round the world. With wine production planned to expand to 300,000 cases of 12 bottles of wine each per year. Anselmo Vineyards is poised to continue being a premier producer of outstanding quality wines.

The ranch grazes on average 200 head of cattle year around, bales over 200 tons of hay, with smaller  quantities of lamb, wool, lavender, honey, fruits and vegetables. We strive to provision our kitchens with as much “pasture to plate” production as possible. On the menu beef and lamb choices actually raised and finished on the ranch are labeled “ranch reserve”.  The vegetables and other offerings grown in the soils here will be identified by the wait staff for you if not marked that way on the menu.

On entering the ranch headquarters the principal garden is seen on the left. Other smaller gardens growing produce for the ranch are not visible from the headquarters.

The water for these operations is provided by a deeded water right signed by President William McKinley. Because the ranch is near to the headwaters of the flow in a volcanic geological area, the water  contains no salts or calcites. Consequently the pastures have been irrigated for over 150 years with no build up of trace minerals. This fact and the natural gravity flow is very advantageous to intense agriculture. We take every opportunity to use the natural products of the ranch in our offerings for the dining and drinking experience in our surround.

The ranch was established in 1854 by Boston Natives, Sylvester and Harriet Langdon who were, according to the Boston Globe, killed on July 3rd, 1857 by a grizzly bear.

The ranch has undergone extensive renovations and development while preserving many original building, all it’s essential character and its primary purposes as a working ranch. The ranch also has a Hunting club, horse riding, and a private limousine vineyard tour for you to visit the vineyard, the chapel, the oldest millenium oak tree in California, and the beautiful private water fall!

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