At Anselmo Vineyards and Winery, special care is taken with each varietal to produce extraordinary wine.  No compromises are made.  Every block is hand-harvested and delicate care is taken throughout the winemaking process.  After hand sorting the fruit to remove imperfect grapes and leaves, the grapes are destemmed and placed into temperature controlled fermentation tanks.  Here, each lot will spend approximately six weeks fermenting: a process which includes cold soaking, a slow, cool primary fermentation and extended maceration.  After fermentation is completed, the grapes are pressed using a basket press which ensures gentle extraction of flavor, color and tannin by avoiding maceration of the seeds and releasing undesirable tannin.

Once the wines are safely in French oak barrels, the aging process begins: racking, topping and blending.  Our winemaker tastes each barrel of wine weekly, evaluating the effects of the oak on each varietal.  After one and a half to two years in oak, depending upon the program, the wines are bottled – where they will spend another year aging before being released.

Our award winning wines are the result of the dedication and hard work of our Winemaking team, including our lead Winemaker  who has worked in the wine industry for over a decade as a winemaker, consultant, wine educator and retailer.  Our Winemaking Team consults with wineries and vineyards, both large and small, throughout the U.S.

Anselmo’s winemaking production style is a blend of techniques taken from the very unique places and people with which we have been fortunate to work with over the years. People would say that we are very strict and particular in how we produce our wines and we say that they are absolutely correct!  Our wines are meant to provide a satisfying elegant feeling and comfort with every sip in every glass coming from each bottle of Anselmo wine.

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